Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My NEW WOOL Collection

I would like to introduce you to a new collection. One of which I can't stop expanding. The more I work with yarn, the more ideas I get. I just don't have enough time and hands to produce all of my ideas. Even my little helper tries to control some of my designs.:) Like the pom-poms scarf was all her idea.
crochet pom pom scarf pattern
Raspberry Wrap
Raspberry Wrap scarf for sale.
Raspberry Wrap scarf pattern for sale.
She really wanted a scarf with pom-poms on it. Now, even though it warm, she would still wear it all day.:)
A little about yarn: I would really want to include wool in my shop but I looked threw a lot and tried a lot of them, and couldn't decide which ones best. I would really like to find a soft yarn for the neck and face, because I can't sell others the products that I myself don't like. I haven't found 100% wool that isn't rough for my kids. They would always say it itches. So I stopped on Loop and Treat yarn. This is 50% wool and 50% polyester. Yes, I don't like polyester, but I decided on this yarn because it's the only one my kids and I like. It's very soft, very smooth, and it's pleasant to work with. I have fun when I work with this yarn.
At the same time, when I'm working on a new design, I write a pattern for it. This is something I have already done. But this isn't the end...)))

crochet slouchy hat pattern
ELLA Slouchy hat
Slouchy hat pattern for sale.
Slouchy hat for sale.

unisex crochet hood pattern

Buy Crochet HOODED SCARF pattern

knit unisex cowl
Knit unisex cowl
 Buy Knit unisex cowl.
crochet fingerless mittens and scarf pattern

Buy Fingerless Mittens & Scarf.