Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More about Daisies Crochet!

I recently realized that I have still not introduced you with me or my lovely family. Therefore, I took advantage of our our most recent vacation. We were at Hilton Head Island South Carolina where we were struck by its beauty and excellent facilities for families with children. It's a very beautiful, green island. And ..... fresh delicious Seafood, yum:) 
Also I played around with my new camera. So these are my first shoots with manual settings. :) Please don't judge too strictly. )

DaisiesCrochet photo1

 This is what we currently look like. Me, my husband and my five children.
More about me you may find here.
DaisiesCrochet photo2

DaisiesCrochet photo3
DaisiesCrochet photo4
DaisiesCrochet photo5

DaisiesCrochet photo6

DaisiesCrochet photo7
DaisiesCrochet photo8
                                                   The END!


Yulia Kazansky said...

Wow! Adina, you are so lucky, so wonderful family! Very nice pictures too!

IrinaN said...

Wow! Great happy family-)

Svetlana NES said...

You are happy Mom! Four boys and little princess!

GalaFilc said...

It was very interesting to see your family.

oksana Kiseleva said...

Какая большая семья!!!
как здорово!
счастья вам!

Anonymous said...

Снимаю шапку! Как можно, имея пять детей так выглядеть, и, самое главное, иметь время создавать такие шедевры.

Adina said...

Thanks a lot Ladies! It's a pleasure for me to read your comments

inessa said...

Четыре сыночка и лапочка дочка:)

Mulberry Whisper said...

What a wonderful big family! Adina, you serve as a great example of a woman that can do everything :) I must have more kids, too! if you can have five, I certainly can have two! or three... Your children are so beautiful, and you and your husband are very beautiful and look great together!

Adina said...

Thank you very much Mulberry! You so sweet!) I'm sure you may have even 5 kids.:)Your girl SO beautiful, you must have more))