Monday, July 16, 2012

Making a POM - POM.

make a pom pom
Baby hat with pom pom
crochet bunny with pom pom
Crochet bunny with pom-pom

There are 3 ways to make a pom-pom as you see on the first photo. I will explain how to use the 1st and 3rd methods. I won’t explain the 2nd method because if you have a pom-pom maker you have the instructions on how to use it. 
make a pom pom 1

Method 1: Cut out 2 cardboard circles that are the same as shown in photo1. The diameter of the outside circle must be a little bigger than the size of the pom-pom you want to make. Make a cut from the outside to the inside and cut out the little circle in the middle. 
make a pom pom 3
Put the circles together and then wrap the yarn onto the cardboard. You can take multiple yarns and wrap them around together at the same time. The more yarn you use, the more puffed the pom-pom will be. 
make a pom pom 4 
Now, using scissors, cut the yarn on the outside of the circle(make sure the blades of the scissors is between the 2 cardboard rings). 

make a pom pom 6
 Place a length of yarn between the 2 cardboard rings and wrap it around the circle and then tie it.
make a pom pom 7

--> The pom-pom is ready. Take out the cardboard and trim the pom-pom.

Method 3. Now we will make a pom-pom using just our fingers. You can use 2, 3, or 4 fingers. If you are using 2 fingers the pom-pom will be about the same diameter as the 2 fingers. If you use 3 fingers the pom-pom will be about the diameter of 3 fingers, and so on. Right now we will be using 4 fingers. Take a length of yarn and place it between your middle and index fingers. (if you are using 2 fingers place the yarn between the 2 fingers, if you are using 3 fingers place the yarn between any 2 fingers, but when you will tie the yarn, place the yarn in the middle). 
make a pom pom 8

if you are using 2 fingers place the yarn between the 2 fingers
make a pom pom 9

if you are using 4 fingers take a length of yarn and place it between your middle and index fingers.
make a pom pom 10

hold yarn with your thumb and wrap it around your fingers. 
make a pom pom 11

make a pom pom 12

  --> Take the yarn that you placed between your fingers and take it around to the other side and tie it.

make a pom pom 13

make a pom pom 14

Cut all the loops on the pom-pom and trim with scissors.
make a pom pom 15

make a pom pom 16 
Here we have 3 pom-poms made three different ways. You can use these to decorate hats, bunny tails, or anywhere else you want!  My other tutorials find here.

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