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MEET with Natasha.

Hi my readers! Today I want to share with you my finding. I wandered around on the internet in search of inspiration on what to cook that would be delicious, beautiful and simple. And came across a wonderfully talented girl. That has been my inspiration for 2 weeks. Another surprising thing is that her childhood was very similar to mine. After reading about it as if I flew into my own childhood. I even had five sisters just like her. But I also have 3 brothers. 

"baked asparagus"
 My absolutely favorite and new Natasha's recipe is: baked-asparagus-with-lemon-butter-and-parmesan

 With her permission I want to share to you about her.

 My family:
Hi! My name is Natasha! I married my wonderful husband Vadim (who cooks, loves mountain biking and is an awesome dad) over 7 years ago. We are blessed with our first child who is now 2 and 1/2. We live in Idaho. Our family is actively involved in a Christian Ukrainian church, where my hubby is now the Youth Leader and God is really blessing him in it. We strive to walk in love and live our lives by the word of God and life of Jesus.

"natashaskitchet" About Natasha’s Kitchen:
I started this food and family blog as a way to share favorite recipes and events with family and friends. Its grown much past what I imagined! My goal for this site is for people to really discover Russian cooking. Italian, French, Mexican, Asian,…. all of those cuisines are well-known and well-loved by everyone. I want to see the same thing for Russian cooking! That's my dream for this site; for you to discover and fall in love with Russian and Ukrainian food (or go back to your roots and remember your Grandmas cooking). I know its a big dream, but why would someone want a small dream? The ingredients are simple and easily accessible (not overly hoity-toity). My motto: if you can read, you can cook! This site is put together by me, but much of the knowledge I share comes from my 2 moms: my Mama and my husbands Mama. They are the true celebrities here. I am so thankful to have two such amazing women in my life who generously share their rich knowledge of Russian/ Ukrainian Cooking.  

How I got Started Cooking:
I wasn’t always interested in cooking; actually I first got interested when I got married because it became a necessity – “must eat to live.” We had a lot of frozen meals (pizza, corn dogs, etc) – and we ate out a lot in the first years of our marriage. A few years ago, I had a free summer and decided I would improve my cooking skills so we could live and eat healthier. I dove into cookbook after cookbook. I was at the library all the time bringing home piles of cookbooks. I even read my mother’s cooking textbook from her college days (Yes, she completed her culinary program when we moved to the US and she is the best chef I know!) I hope my children will say the same thing about me some day! I had discovered the joy of cooking. Within a few months, my husband and I lost about 5 pounds just from cooking at home more often! It’s very fulfilling to cook a delicious and beautiful meal for my husband and family. I even have quite a reputation with my husbands co-workers since I pack my husbands’ fancy lunch feasts. (Yes, I had you Verizon folk in mind when I decided to create this site).

    Dad, Mom 5 daughters, their husbands & the babies (there are more babies now)

 Culture and Background 
 My family moved to the US when I was 4 years old. America is truly a melting pot. The variety of cultures and food in this country is incredible! I grew up eating authentic Ukrainian and Russian food. No doubt many of my recipes will have a Slavic origin and influence. I do love Russian/Ukrainian food and I hope the recipes on this site invoke the same love for the rich variety of foods of the Slavic culture. My recipe collection continues to grow. I love to try new recipes and I will share my favorites with you. I hope you enjoy this blog and find recipes that will become your family favorites as well.
Thank you very much Natalya for such wonderful site.

 More about her and her recipes please visit her site.  natasha's kitchen

 Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you come back soon!

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